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"Be careful with it…"
Ib December Art Challenge
Day 19 - Garry and Ib.

DRAMAtical Kamigami part VI!
Ren as Anubis
When Ren was fragmented from Aoba years ago, it was Sei who took care of his physical form. Because of this, in human form, he looks a lot like Sei. (Re:Connect Ren) Ren is fiercely protective of him and though he seems incapable of speech, he is able to communicate with Sei. Only when united with his other piece can Ren achieve god form and restore his memories.
Ren is Anubis for a few reasons, the most obvious being the part dog/jackal. The lyrics of Anubis’ character song reminded me of Ren, and he is a route later unlocked after you play other routes in Kamigami no Asobi. These are edits from scans of the Kamigami no Asobi Art book.Koujaku | Mink | Clear | Noiz | Aoba

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